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Thursday, March 5, 2020


HealVR was one of my most ambitious research project 
of 2019, where a VR system was developed to help 
reduce pain among patients that involve therapies including 
Dental Care(Tooth Implant, Tooth Fillings, Root Canal, etc), 
Arthritis Therapy, Wounds Redressing, Minor Surgeries, etc. 
Therapies duration of fewer than 5 hours involving mild to 
intermediate pain were targeted for this project. 
There was also a mode for hospitalised patients who can
have a blissful experience and get out of the ill-hospital vibe.

The patients have to wear a VR headset and then they 
would be in a completely simulated environment controlled 
by doctors or patients itself if possible.There were different 
kinds of scenes ranging from a simple underwater scene, fully 
explorable forest garden scene and a highly engaging shooting 
scene to target severe pains. 

There were a total of 6 scenes fully created by us for different 
types of pains and patients.The whole system of Virtual Reality 
Pain Reduction works on the attention-distraction mechanism, 
think of it like when you were a child and had fear of the pain of 
injections, the doctor might have told you to see towards your 
mother or somewhere else or watch TV during that process and 
it happens that you weren’t able to feel the pain because you
were distracted. The same simple phenomenon, when expanded 
with the tech of Virtual Reality, was observed to do wonders in case 
of different types of pain. A huge inspiration for the project was taken 
by research done by Hunter Hoffman for the treatment of patients 
of burn pains.

This project was displayed on 16th ICDCIT(International 
Conference on Distributed Computing and Technology) and 
was later published in PIC 2020 (ISBN: 978-93-5391-188-1) 
and is still currently being worked on.

Special thanks to Praddyum as this would not have been possible without him.

Link to early version live demonstration 
prototype is attached: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bTPeL_tMSc

The complete project has been made open-source.

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