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Monday, April 6, 2020

Working with Unity's Shadergraph in URP 2019.3

I tried my hands on with the Unity's Shadergraph in Unity 2019.3 in Universal Render Pipeline.
I started off by creating a simple flag wave shader using Unity's learn live, then went on with exploring YouTube and creating more shaders and getting used to the shadergraph experience.

The major difficult thing was the URP, although it has shadergraph support but it lack features when compared to HDRP and that proglem was with almost every youtube video, although Brackeys were really good at this.

Most difficult shader was the ocean water one, that has to be created in URP but again had multiple problems like the depth node was most difficult one and now also I fear to use it, even I don't know but somehow after creating water for 2 days(that too following a tutorial) I had water, ha ha.
Visuals could have been better in HDRP but URP was the challenge and result is pretty good considering that this is capable of running on mobile.
*Everything was created inside Unity using ShaderGraph, only flag png was imported*
The scene has six shaders: Ocean water, Glow(on flag pole), Hologram, Disappearing, Flag wave & Cube neon tile.

Running on mobile was the best part and Ocean Water, the most difficult one, it took me 2 days to make water in URP, even now I can't understand many steps and nodes in ShaderGraph and why I used them.

The experience was good as ShaderGraph made it easier but still, I understood that Shaders is not my cup of tea, it's like stone pelting to my brain.

All thanks to Unity's Learn Live as it started with a flag wave shader and went on to this, also thanks to Brackeys, AE Tuts and PolyToots.

Complete Project Github Link: https://github.com/sanchitgng/ShaderGraphURP

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