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Monday, May 11, 2020

Optimizing Boat Attack for Mobile

I had previously developed a AAA quality game in 7 days(link), during its development I realised the 
importance of optimization and straight away from thereafter I have been studying about optimizing 
games especially in the Unity game engine.

I tried searching youtube about how to optimize games and tried many things on my game that doesn't 
resulted in something very good but I had idea as what to do and what not while optimizing a game.
That project finally broke and my machine wasn't able to bake lights for it or even run it at 10 fps.

I started with the Boat Attack to initially study URP and it's optimization and found out that even it is
not optimised for mobile, it ran at 13-15fps on my android which has SD 730.

From then on I started optimizing it and realised that the optimization is really shady field even to
the study, there are very limited videos but lot of documentation to read and the numerous hours of 
reading that only helped me.

Initially, I realised that Vulkan architecture was the problem and disabling it boosted the fps to 28-30.

I raised an issue on it's GitHub repo also: link

The profiler screenshot is given below:

I tried hundreds of things which I can't even remember, almost triggered every setting available inside
Unity from rendering URP settings to Build settings and finally I was able to achieve 50-52 fps on SD 730.

The final build optimised apk link is: here

Do watch how I made a game in 7 days video here(link).

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