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Mad Ball Breakout - classic 2D game released on Android PlayStore. 

Playstore Link

RPG(open world) - 3D open world RPG game made with Unity.

Link Here 

RPG(Strategy)  -3D RPG game based on strategy game-play. 

Link Here

AR game - a fighting game based on augmented reality.

Link Here  

Furr Ball (codenamed) - 2D platformer build with Unity 

Link Here

Argon Assault - flying your spaceship and saving your planet !  using C# in Unity 3D

Link Here 

Project Boost - 2.5D rocket flying game! using C# in Unity 3D 

 Link Here

Terminal Hacker - first Unity based simple project - anagram guessing game! using C# in Unity

  Link here 

Facebook like API animated program without GUI using Turbo C++ based on C++

GAMERSNGAME - My first website with 1500 page-views per day.

  Link here 

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KIIT University Bhubaneshwar INDIA